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Each section of this Online Course consists of lessons specifically designed to assure that you get the highest score possible on your TSI Placement Exam.

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This course provides the Student with an on-demand, 24/7, access to the course from any internet connected device. The course includes over 40 separate lessons, a personal progress bar, worksheets, quizzes, practice tests, and step by step instructions on finding answers on sample problems. This course includes Zero-Day reviews for last minute studying the day before, or morning of, your exam. Upon Completion, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement plus confirmation email that you have finished the course. You will have access to come back and review any lesson for the entire one year enrollment period! (This makes the course an excellent source of tutorials for your post-secondary classes.)

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 6-8 Hours

Difficulty: 12th Grade Intermediate

Author Information

Mike FileMike File

Mr. File is a former teacher who spent 16 years in the public school system. You may read his bio on the "About Us" page.

Preparing for Your Exam

Material Covered

Tutorials: Basic Algebra

Tutorials: Intermediate Algebra

Tutorials: Geometry

Tutorials: Data Analysis

Reading Tutorials

Writing Tutorials

Preparing Your Essay

Practice Questions

Understanding Your Score

Zero-Day Reviews